ACC Full Form| What is ACC:Foremost manufacturer of cement?

ACC Full Form

ACC Full Form-What Is ACC? Everything You Need to Know About ACC :  ACC Limited is India’s foremost manufacturer of cement and ready mixed concrete with a countrywide network of factories and marketing offices.

ACC Full Form

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FAQs About ACC:

With core competence in the production of ready mixed concrete, ACC has established a strong foothold in the industry. According to ACC, the products are sourced from domestic and international brands and processed with high-tech processing equipment in order to deliver the perfect combination of strength, stability and weather resistance. ACC is ISO 9001:2008 registered, which ensures the highest standard of quality. It's registered with the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) under the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

ACC's high quality and technologically advanced cement and concrete products range from slabs, blocks, geodes, foundations and slab girders, cements for heavy-duty, specialty and decorative purposes, and precast & precast cementitious units (PCU), including fly-ash slabs. ACC has a wide range of customized cement products to suit the specific demands of end-users. In addition to the wide range of cement and concrete products it offers, ACC also designs, develops, manufactures, assembles, produces and markets cement and concrete construction equipment under a complete range of products like foundation pumps, green concrete mixers, block moulders, concrete pumps, pozzolan spreaders, hydraulic scour crushers, skid steer loaders and concrete and aggregates crush

ACC, with its brand name, "Shobhaa", has developed a trademark image for its high quality cement products. ACC also manufactures 'Cement with Life'. This premium quality cement product was launched in April 2016. These cement products are made of fly ash and micro nutrients. These products possess multiple benefits like eco-friendliness, enhanced security of food, and the prevention of blockages in sewers and septic tanks. ACC has recently launched 10+ kmt+ per year capacity sponge concrete units in Nagpur at a cost of Rs. 10 crore. This unique product uses slag as a reinforcing agent and increases the concrete yield by as much as 50%. With this enhancement, the company plans to enhance its current production capacity of 15.5 MMT to 16.5 MMT. What is ACC?

ACC is one of the largest manufacturers of Cement in India with manufacturing plants in 6 states viz. Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Assam. ACC's cement is used in 1. Construction 2. Industrial 3. High-rise buildings 4. Precast structures What are ACC's market segments? ACC manufactures cement from Jaipur, and Mehkar , Jaipur, and is the leading manufacturer of Cement in Maharashtra with 2 production facilities in Aurangabad and one in Pune. ACC manufactures cement from Khatima, West Bengal, & Greater Noida, Delhi, with 2 production facilities. The Khatima plant is the largest in the country. ACC manufacturers cement from Goa & Rourkela with 4 production facilities. ACC manufactures cement from Eunuchog and Raipur with 4 production facilities.

R&D Development (Research and Development) is one of the various departments of ACC. In the R&D division, research and development activity is carried out on ground breaking breakthroughs on health, education, and water treatment solutions for customers who are some of the most demanding in the industry. What does the ACC Ready Mixed Concrete division do? The ACC Ready Mixed Concrete division is the exclusive producer of ready mixed concrete with its products packed in factory boxes at the desired destination within the shortest possible delivery time.

What does the ACC Aluminium division do? ACC Aluminium is the exclusive manufacturer of Aluminium and Aluminium Alloy based decorative building materials for both domestic and commercial applications.

ACC is a well-run cement company and has grown on the back of its new greenfield projects in both rural and urban India. It has been trying to expand its operations in other parts of the country, but has encountered several major roadblocks, which have had an adverse impact on its shares. ACC currently trades at a PE of 29 and a Price to Earnings Ratio of 35. This is high compared to its own three-year average. However, as we shall see, there are reasons for it to trade at this high level and they could prove to be temporary.

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