ATS Full Form| What is ATS:Special police force?

ATS Full Form

ATS Full Form-What Is The Purpose of ATS? ATS is a special police force in several states of India including Maharashtra, Gujarat, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Bihar and West Bengal.

ATS Full Form

Anti-Terrorism Squad

FAQs About ATS:

The Anti-Terrorism Squad was created on the basis of National Investigation Agency (NIA) under an act of Parliament. It was created after the horrific Mumbai terrorist attacks of 1993, which killed 257 people. Quickly, it was realized that the existing security force, namely the Maharashtra State Security Corporation (MSSC) and Gujarat State Security Corporation (GSSC) were not prepared to meet the threat posed by terror groups. Subsequently, the Maharashtra government created a new body- the Anti-Terrorism Squad on January 1, 1994. The main aim was to control terrorism and planned criminal acts of various kinds like extortion and terror financing, and organized crime.

ATS members are special investigators and also have other legal authorities and powers. The members of ATS have expertise in gathering and making sense of circumstantial evidence and use these to make arrests.

The main difference between the National Investigation Agency and Anti-Terrorism Squad is that the NIA only looks into terrorism related crimes while the ATS investigates other crimes too but has to respect the earlier judgment of the High Court. What are ATS cases and details? ATS case files are mostly self-contained in which the investigations are based on intelligence inputs about criminal activities. The cases are based on activities including smuggling, human trafficking, laundering of illegal proceeds, smuggling of chemicals and terrorism related offences. The case details are presented before court through filing of charge sheets, prosecution statements etc.

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