BCCI Full Form | What is BCCI-Hostory,Role,Achievements

BCCI Full Form

BCCI Full Form-What Exactly Is BCCI?All About BCCI: What Everybody Should Know: BCCI is the governing body for cricket in India and is under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India.

BCCI Full Form

Board of Control for Cricket in India

FAQs About BCCI:

BCCI have developed over the years in different arenas like administrative, management, games, governing and promotion. We have established the unique process of licensing teams and distribution of all sports in India at national, state and zonal levels. Each state plays host to district level tournaments and following that this is followed by district, city, zonal and finally state level tournaments. From here on national level tournaments are played. In India, BCCI, comprises of 41 cricketing units, which are spread over 29 states and 7 union territories. BCCI is one of the largest sports organizations in the world with an annual turnover of over Rs 6,000 crore. BCCI have 33 affiliated units in its fold which include each state cricket association.

Their aim was to implement the Indian Cricket League and introduce cricket to the country in order to compete with other international nations. It wasn't an easy task at the time but it soon turned into a massive achievement for India when it got admitted in the international cricket. Now, the BCCI is responsible for every sport. Over the years it has played a significant role in making cricket an attractive sport for Indian people.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India is one of the first Boards in the cricketing world to adopt the universal Franchise system. It was the first board to give the play-off for the Ranji Trophy in 1928. BCCI has also given the first green Card to a cricketer and also the first 3-D logo to be used for the uniform of cricketers. The first T20 tournament also started in India by BCCI in 2007, which the Board owned. It gave the winner the prize money of ₹1,001,000. It has since been superseded by the Indian Premier League. BCCI has also introduced domestic T20 leagues. BCCI has started the IPL to replace the ICC Champions League. The Indian Premier League has grown in stature in the last 5 years. Since then, IPL has become the biggest cricketing franchise.

The composition of BCCI can be broken into 2 parts: the Board of Control and the office bearers. The main governance structures of the BCCI are contained in Article 37 and Article 37A. The most important change that the Lodha Panel recommendations bring is the abolishment of the President and the Secretary's post, and introduction of the much coveted office of “Chief Executive Officer”, which has been rejected by the BCCI. In reality, with the demands for better transparency, the BCCI has, in turn, promised reforms which include the creation of a new structure and a new independent office. But, with such a sharp increase in power in the hands of the board, we may just end up with a one-man show instead of a more inclusive team.

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