ARMY Full Form| What is ARMY:Armed forces of a country?

ARMY Full Form

ARMY Full Form-What is ARMY?Armies are armed forces that are in possession of land and have the ability to seize territory. Armed Forces are the armed forces of a country. Army is the land based branch of the armed forces of a nation or state.

ARMY Full Form

Alert Regular Mobility Young

FAQs About ARMY:

Armies are the oldest large-scale military force in the world, dating back to at least 4000 BC. Armies historically developed along tribal or dynastic lines, but from the third century BC onwards the Romans made use of infantry. During the next two millennia the common pattern of division of labour and the application of tactical innovations spread through the 'barbarian' empires of northern Europe, Middle East, the Far East and Africa, establishing the basis of the modern army. The rise of the 'central' military in the 18th century made possible the use of mass conscripts as well as professional soldiers, greatly increasing the effectiveness of the military. Technologies By World War I, military technology consisted of both lethal and non-lethal weapons.

The basic military structure is usually infantry, armored, artillery and aviation. These elements form the unit and individual parts of the battle formation. Often, a battalion will be the basic fighting unit and then will be sub divided into companies, platoons, squadrons or battalions. Each of these parts is armed with various weapons and, in some cases, transportable heavy equipment. In the modern era, a light vehicle or “aircraft carrier” often takes over this role and is the most important part of the combat force. Depending on the nation, a common issue is the size of the battle formation or the ratio between motorised and armored forces. Typically, the lighter weapon or support elements of a typical battle formation are the artillery, helicopters and aircraft.

The arms are usually grouped into three divisions or elements:

1. Transportation (i.e. trucks and planes)

2. Administration (i.e. barracks)

3. Equipment Armies, especially major and well-armed ones, usually have a complete organizational structure and command chain.

In that sense, a real army has a corps headquarters, a division headquarters, a battalion headquarters, a company headquarters and a platoon headquarters. In some armies, the following people make up the higher staffs: Regional commanders or commanders: Assembling a full army is a complex job requiring coordination between the above ranks and other specialists. It requires a large amount of funding and manpower.

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SDK Full Form| What Does SDK Mean?

SDK Full Form

SDK Full Form-What is SDK? SDK is a collection of software development tools in one installable package which  facilitate the creation of applications by having a compiler, debugger and perhaps a software framework.

SDK Full Form

Software development kit

FAQs About SDK:

SDK allows developers to bring their Apple and Mac applications up to the same level of functionality that they would be on other platforms. For example, an iPhone app or Safari extension might have an array of options, but the developer might only allow them to be used in certain situations. With a Mac app, the developer could choose to optimize the application for all situations. For example, the developer could enable users to upload information to a database from Safari to do research. A Windows Phone 7 app can also be optimized for all areas but the developer can pick what to optimize for. With an SDK, the developer can easily set up their application to take advantage of all the features of the platform and build upon it. Many Mac developers have reported issues working with SDK.

Some of the advantages of getting an SDK are the simplicity and quickness in development, no need to install a separate operating system, and compatibility with .NET Framework. The main reason for an SDK is to be able to port your application to the mobile platform, which requires the proper tooling to develop on. What is a Client-Server Model? In the client-server model, the client requests data from the server. The server then sends data to the client and the client executes the data on its own computer.

Why does an SDK use a Client-Server Model? To make the client be aware of the server, by having a network communication layer, while allowing the server to be independent.

A system software application, SDK Package, has a runtime libraries package, a platform and a framework. SDK Package provides the following. Platform: A fully pre-packaged Software Development Kit package with the full development tools required for development and maintenance of the SDK Package. The Platform contains the full set of platform tooling for that system, the tools required to produce executables and binary libraries. A fully pre-packaged Software Development Kit package with the full development tools required for development and maintenance of the SDK Package. The Platform contains the full set of platform tooling for that system, the tools required to produce executables and binary libraries.

Development kits have helped entrepreneurs produce powerful enterprise applications faster, cheaper and easier. All you need to do is to have the required tools and provide some common ground to developers to assist them with your project. As more companies adopt cloud-based computing, the developers are struggling to develop apps as many application templates are available with embedded servers. Even small companies like Flipkart, Zomato, Paytm, have to develop these applications on the cloud as only the framework of their apps need be embedded in the operating systems. So, the development kits are an important part of the software application development process.

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CII Full Form| What is CII:Advocacy group?

CII Full Form

CII Full Form-What is CII?CII is a non-governmental trade association and advocacy group based in New Delhi, India founded in 1895.

CII Full Form

Confederation of Indian Industry

FAQs About CII:

CII says it works "to create an enabling environment for promoting competitiveness of Indian industries in an integrated international environment." What is the vision? "A global India that is competitive and engaged," says a CII-PwC statement, adding that the organization advocates for reforms in laws and practices and works on implementing them. What is the mission of the Finance Minister? The finance minister is the Minister of Finance and the Financial Services Minister of the Government of India. "My vision is to double the size of the Indian economy over the next ten years. What does this mean? It means that we are going to build a growth engine.

As India's largest and the world's 10th largest economy, India has been growing at an astronomical rate with growth forecast to hit 7.5% in 2018. Not only does the country generate the third largest number of millionaires, but it has also been ranked as the third fastest-growing economy in the world. The booming economy has led to an increase in demand for consumer products and IT equipment, with India going from the world's 12th largest exporter of consumer products in 2007 to the world's 6th largest in 2018. With a mission to improve the growth, profitability, productivity and competitiveness of Indian industry, the group has evolved to represent not just Indian companies, but also facilitate investment between countries across the globe.

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VAN Full Form| What is VAN:Shared business processes?

VAN Full Form

VAN Full Form-What is VAN? VAN  is a hosted service offering that acts as an intermediary between business partners sharing standards based or proprietary data via shared business processes.

VAN Full Form

Value Added Network

FAQs About VAN:

The demand for a Virtual Enterprise Network (VEN) is driven by the necessity to secure user data and ensure it is well managed in the modern context where everyone is connected to the cloud Ideal for small- to mid-size businesses that may not be at the level of professionalism where data governance might be a compliance issue Key drivers of demand for a VAN include: Common platforms for sharing data between disparate siloed systems. Separate, personal data management systems for each user. Identity management systems, where a business has more than one user for the same organisation, making it difficult to identify the user by name. When the business decides it wants to move all data to a single platform, it needs to find a place for the data and who it will be shared with.

You can transform existing business processes to a cloud-based data set Varying levels of complexity: process-centric, business-centric or data-centric VANs Clear picture of end-to-end processes: mapping from decision-to-action within a single context Organisations can take advantage of the flexibility and agility of the cloud to transform their data flows and business processes into a data-centric VAN.

Value-added network (VAN) is the name given to hosted services that act as an intermediary between business partners sharing standards based or proprietary data via shared business processes. The VAN is the common structure used by most enterprises. These services are often virtual or hosted in a public cloud, typically with a dedicated internal network attached to them. VAN is the next evolution of the shared, standardized network that has been essential for global, multinational organizations to connect with each other. What is a PaaS? PaaS (Platform as a Service) is a type of infrastructure that virtualizes, accelerates, and automates the delivery of software to all application developers, including IT personnel.

I have used this implementation in my new product development, and it works very well. It took me only 3 hours to build it from scratch. Of course, this design should be viewed as an example, and a great set of tools are available for you to implement your own stuff. In my case I am using PostgreSVC and SQLite to implement it, but it could also be implemented in different languages using other database backends. One of the most impressive benefits of using a VAN, is that its administrators can design a customized solution without writing any code. This means that, if you don't need to modify the database configuration, you can still implement a VAN configuration that will do all the configuration for you, and the administration only needs to monitor the infrastructure.

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IMA Full Form| What is IMA:National voluntary organisation?

IMA Full Form

IMA Full Form-What is IMA? IMA is a national voluntary organisation of physicians in India, which looks or cares after the interest of doctors or the well being of the community at large scale.

IMA Full Form

Indian Medical Association

FAQs About IMA:

Medical association’s main aim is to help the doctors in the whole in India, and provide them an unbiased way to work for the betterment of the whole. Through the web portal called the ‘Doctors MGR,’ there is a set of doctors whom we can contact if we encounter any medical problems. IMA is helping a lot of doctors to diagnose their patients, find the best treatment options, and find the best prices for the same. Doctors can also bring their patients to the doctor in order to receive the best medical help for their case. If any patient comes up with a medical case, then a doctor can select from a list of doctors in the country and hand it over to the patient, where the patients can find the doctors in that region and proceed accordingly.

IMA is a national voluntary organisation of physicians in India, which looks or cares for the interest of doctors or the well being of the community at large. IMA was founded in 1946. They are not a governing body in the sense that they are not set up with any mandate or legal powers. A member must pay annual fee of Rs 150 to become a member. Each state of India has its own chapter. In Maharashtra, for example, there are 8 chapters. IMA's guiding principles are patient care, research, ethics, et al. IMA takes an active role in public health, education and health related legislation. Its headquarters are in New Delhi. How does IMA work? IMA is divided into state chapters.

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The Indian Medical Association


CHC Full Form| What Is CHC? Why It’s So Important

CHC Full Form

CHC Full Form-What is CHC? CHC is one of a network of clinics staffed by a group of general practitioners and nurses providing healthcare services to people in a certain area.

CHC Full Form

Community health center

FAQs About CHC:

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), not enough Americans are able to access healthcare due to a lack of insurance, especially those who need to visit an emergency room. CHC clinics fill this gap by providing high-quality health care to underserved areas.

What Types Of Services Are Available? Compiled a list of some of the healthcare services that you can avail of at CHC clinics. Family Planning According to the Family Health Council, community health centers are the top choice for many women when seeking affordable family planning services. These centers also provide reproductive health services that include family planning, testing for STDs and HPV, and testing and treatment for HIV/AIDS.

Hospital facilities are necessary in order to deliver health care. But the health-care delivery system is a complicated one and can't function efficiently without centers such as community health centers. The centers provide the wide range of health care services that people need, including long-term care, mental health services, pharmacy services, dental and vision care, women's health services, and more.


They are the main point of entry for patients to access health care and are located in every community throughout the country. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, people access primary health care and behavioral health services at community health centers at a rate nearly eight times greater than that of people who don't use the clinics.

Services offered in a community health center, also known as primary care clinics, include: Triage Screening for sexually transmitted diseases Mental health counseling and referrals Clinical diagnosis Basic care such as wound care, flu shots, prenatal services, physical exams, and well baby visits Laboratory services, immunizations, and breast-feeding support Education and training Academic instruction on preventive medicine and health promotion Outreach to patients and communities Implementation and administration Regulatory procedures How are CHC's organized? Community health centers are not located in hospitals. They're usually not funded by the federal government. Instead, state and local governments decide how much funding they will provide to support these facilities.

CHC staff are involved in a team approach to managing people's health conditions and administering medications. They also play a role in other areas of the clinic's work, such as disease prevention and wellness, chronic disease management, immunization, primary and secondary care, and communication with community members. Nurses also focus on social determinants of health, including mental and behavioral health, addictions, and oral health. According to the most recent data, CHC's registered nurses in California comprise approximately 2 percent of all registered nurses in the state. In California, there are 1,382 full-time equivalent nurses at community health centers.

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