ECR Full Form| What is ECR-Benefits of Using the System?

ECR Full Form

ECR Full Form-What Is ECR? What Are Some of the Benefits of Using the System : Indian passport holders, require to obtain “Emigration Clearance” from the office of Protector of Emigrants (POE), Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs for going to following 18 countries.

ECR Full Form

Electronic Continuous Registration

FAQs about ECR

Because the ECR system is independent of the emigration or immigration agencies, it allows the time-bound filing of the applications and reviews them on the due date for approval and denials without the intervention of the emigration or immigration agencies. Autoridad para Aduanamento (ADA): If the POE has approved your application, the national agencies of the country concerned have to verify the validity of the visa/work permit/permutation and enter it into the database of the POE. This procedure is called "autorization." Only after verification by the agencies concerned and following procedures, the immigration agencies may issue the permit/work permit/permit to the beneficiary.

The Home Ministry and the Ministry of External Affairs first issued the recommendation in April 2003 after a 9-year study. India has a passport-based emigration control system, and any Indian citizen intending to go abroad for more than 6 months is required to submit an ECR to the Protector of Emigrants. Once a person obtain ECR he or she is no more required to obtain "No Objection Certificate" from the Indian mission abroad for exiting India. ECR will also have some travel benefits, such as they will not need to apply for Indian Passport when going abroad for work. The list of ECR countries was first notified in the Gazette of India in May 2005. The proposed list was revised in June 2005 and December 2015, but no update was issued until December 2016 :












Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


South Sudan



United Arab Emirates


ECR, based on definition and general facts and circumstances of each individual case, can be required to undertake and undergo various procedures as stated in the related ICAO Manual. The ECR form has two mandatory sections: ICAO II-4A and ICAO II-4B. Thus, the holder has to tick a box stating "I undertake to undertake the intended journey and enter the countries indicated on the page and on pages numbered in relation to the intended journey, prior to the date of the declaration


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