PAN Full Form| What is PAN:Tax related information?

PAN Full Form

PAN Full Form-What is  PAN? PAN is an electronic system through which, all tax related information for a person/company is recorded in a  single PAN number.PAN is the foundation of e-commerce and seamless tax compliance and  has multiple uses.


PAN Full Form

Permanent Account Number

FAQs About PAN:

Taxation of citizens has always been a contentious issue, particularly in the last one year, with tax authorities given orders to detain the data of individuals with unconfirmed PAN numbers. PAN is the number which serves as an identification mechanism to regulate the taxation of an individual. PAN is an electronic system through which, all tax related information for a person/company is recorded against a single PAN number. Currently, there are 34 million PAN holders in India, but only 50 million taxpayers of the total 99.5 million companies registered with the Registrar of Companies (ROCs) in India are PAN-compliant. Hence, PAN is a system through which all such entities can file returns, as well as pay taxes online without much hassle.

PAN is an allotted to a person for identification purpose, and an individual can obtain it in several ways. All you need is an Aadhaar card number. The individual has to register with the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) for getting an Aadhaar and an individual PAN. The tax department issues an enrolment ID number which can be used for registering with the CBDT. PAN is issued based on the address of the person and it can be changed at any time. You can create a PAN for a new address, which is not in your tax records. However, when you get the current PAN, you have to declare the new address. If you haven't done this, PAN would be invalidated. The details in PAN Whenever you file tax returns, your PAN would be linked to the details given in the tax return.

Well, it is because of the income tax return filing. For individual, filing income tax return is mandatory. But filing for tax return is not required for companies.

PAN is beneficial as the tax payers can simply put down his/her PAN number at any business or company and a payment can be made in that amount without worrying about hidden accounts. Let us see some benefits of PAN

1) The e-transactions on PAN are fast and secure.

2) When a person buys something online or by using debit or credit card the transaction is considered legal and no-questions asked.

3) In case of any medical emergency, citizens can directly go to a doctor using PAN card.

4) PAN number is the basic identification for businesses as it gives them a virtual store to showcase their products.

Merely being not registered in PAN will now attract penalty, even if there is no turnover of taxable income Under the regime, even a service provider can also have PAN. However, there is a new provision for paying penalty to a person even for not filing the tax return

According to the finance ministry, PAN is used to comply with various legal requirements and it is required for any transaction involving tax, customs, etc. It is also needed for certain financial transactions, such as money transfer, opening a bank account or making any financial transaction through an electronic payment system. It is mandatory to link PAN with Permanent Account Number (PAN) for income tax, indirect tax and payroll tax to avoid multiple taxation.

PAN is an electronic system through which, all tax related information for a person/company is recorded against a single PAN number. Further, it allows the government to communicate with individuals and entities on specified need to seek and obtain their information.

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OYO Full Form| What is OYO Rooms:The OYO Foundation?

OYO Full Form

OYO Full Form-What Is  OYO? Oyo Rooms, also known as Oyo Hotels & Homes, is an Indian multinational hospitality chain of leased and franchised hotels, homes and living spaces. Founded in 2013 by Ritesh Agarwal.

OYO Full Form

On Your Own 

FAQs About OYO:

The Oyo Foundation provides opportunities and access to education for underprivileged children across various age groups. Through various initiatives, the Oyo Foundation supports the quality of education of underprivileged children. The Oyo Foundation also offers psychological and academic support to at-risk children.The Oyo Foundation's impact can be seen in the communities they serve and the lives they touch. The Oyo Foundation believes that everyone has a responsibility to positively change the world around them. The Oyo Foundation, along with its staff, has improved the lives of over 1.5 million people over the past five years.

In an interview with  Ritesh, he revealed that it was at the time when he was looking for the right mix of growth and philanthropy that the idea of Oyo started germinating. Oyo's biggest passion stems from philanthropy and empowering young entrepreneurs and giving them the right skills for the future. Ritesh shares that the vision of Oyo is to improve the quality of lives for as many people as possible. Ritesh discloses that the concept of building long-term relationships with the people in Oyo's area of operations has always been central to the philosophy of the company.

Today, we are in the middle of a social and digital revolution, a confluence of exponential technology, entrepreneurship and rapidly evolving trends that have never been experienced before. Amongst the emerging trends, one particularly stands out. It’s the rise of shared economy and its accompanying phenomenon of the sharing economy. The sharing economy is of two types. One, community driven sharing (formal and informal). Two, Platform-driven sharing (and focus on transparency). These share the commonality of being peer-to-peer or community driven. While many companies like Airbnb have announced that they are expanding their reach to Tier II and III cities, the sharing economy has entered the healthcare, education, mobility and supply chain segment. It is an age of consolidation.

In May 2017, Oyo launched its OYO Foundation, an initiative to create opportunities in education, skill development, health care, women’s safety and rural development. The vision of the foundation is to bridge the gap between supply and demand in the marketplace. It was created to give everyone an equal opportunity to achieve the highest degree of personal development, strengthen social relations and empower communities. It supports education through ‘Not-for-profit’ partnerships with various educational institutions to advance education for underprivileged children in rural India. The foundation also runs the Oyo CRAG Center which caters to the needs of rural women in Varkala, Kerala.

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DSLR Full Form| What is DSLR:High-end image quality?

DSLR Full Form

DSLR Full Form-What Is The Purpose of DSLR? DSLR  is a type of camera that delivers high-end image quality and is widely used by amateurs.Photographers could take pictures as quickly as pressing a button.

DSLR Full Form

Digital Single-Lens Reflex

FAQs About DSLR:

For the first time, photographers could take pictures as quickly as pressing a button. Self-timer was also possible, allowing people to take a snap of themselves before going on to the next shot. Fast autofocusing allowed photographers to capture sharp shots with ease. Capturing in full detail the fine details of a scene meant that DSLRs were ideal for landscape photography. The old "point and shoot" technology of previous cameras was ruled out because every digital camera now featured high-quality sensors, powerful processors and advanced processing power. So now, with a DSLR camera, the technology the optical image stabilisation, fast focusing and powerful flash system. Even the final capture and processing of the photographs are closely controlled.

The entry level DSLR is a so called 'point and shoot' type, also known as 'selfie' camera. These types of camera are based on automatic functions and let the user focus and capture the image on-the-fly. The first DSLR for photographers was launched by Canon in 1987. The camera was then soon followed by Nikon and Pentax. Since then, DSLR has become a mainstay of the professional photography world.

What makes DSLR cameras so good? Because DSLR's use interchangeable lenses, they can be easily changed between a wide variety of focal lengths and angles. In a normal camera the photographer needs to remember which focal length and aperture combination to use for any particular shot, which means that their composition is never quite the same each time they take a picture.

A DSLR camera’s mirror, or an attached optical viewfinder, looks in the opposite direction of the camera’s optical viewfinder. As a result, the mirror partially blocks the view of the viewfinder. This technique makes it possible to compose an image through the viewfinder and use the mirror to view the captured image. However, since the lens has no aperture control, some of the light goes directly to the image sensor. To prevent this, a wide aperture, which minimizes the size of the opening to the viewfinder, is usually provided.

DSLR photography, which began as a long-honed form of photojournalism, has also become a part of the popular culture and is now adopted by many amateur photographers. Even though DSLR cameras do not seem to be as portable as their mirrorless counterparts, they do perform best in low light situations and have a plethora of other features that professional photographers use to produce top quality shots. DSLR photography has been adopted by many people for a range of reasons, from the flexibility of manual mode to the ability to do relatively complex things on the camera itself. Digital single-lens reflex cameras do have a wide range of competition, including Sony’s Alpha A7R II and Nikon’s D500 and D5.

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SCHOOL Full Form| What is SCHOOL:Educational Institution?

SCHOOL Full Form

SCHOOL Full Form-What Is SCHOOL?A school is an educational institution designed to provide learning spaces and learning environments for the teaching of students under the direction

SCHOOL Full Form

Sincerity Capacity Honesty Orderliness Obedience Learning


Many people believe that a school is a place to learn skills to be employed by the human race. This is called the training school. Schools teach and train students. They also teach and train all people. The training school should be a place for learning. Are schools a place to teach knowledge? Not all places have enough to teach students in all subjects.

A student is the owner of a particular body of learning, which develops :

  • deep and faithful personal relationship with God and serves .
  • student is the director and servant of his personal relationship with God.
  • student is the recipient of authentic relationship with God.

The roles of teachers  in the classroom is to:

  • Engage in development of the student's overall intellectual development and to establish the goals for development .
  • provide space and environment for teaching, training, and evaluation.

Parents are responsible for providing their children with:-

a. Affirmative support in the form of encouragement, discipline, and physical and emotional support during times of stress or boredom.

b. Participation in the formation of values, attitudes and attitudes

c. Support in the form of general guidance, encouragement, support however this should be in an educational setting in which both of you are aware of the role your children will have.

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MNC Full Form| What is MNC And Why It’s So Great?

MNC Full Form

MNC Full Form-What is  MNC Cinema And Why It’s So Great:MNC is said to be any corporation that is registered and operates in more than one country at a time. Generally the corporation has its headquarters in one country and operates wholly or partially owned subsidiaries in other countries.

MNC Full Form

Multinational corporation 

FAQs About MNC:

Modern multinationals began as a response to the effects of globalization. Modern multinational corporations are multinational enterprises that share subsidiaries in many countries. MNCs are a global phenomenon and therefore not limited to a particular time. The process of launching a multinational is called "branching out" or "cross-fertilization". For example, multinationals in the shipping industry have created an industry called ship owning. An example of an MNC is FedEx. The end result is an efficient, effective, competitive and productive company with employees and shareholders in different countries. The whole world is not a company Now that we know what an MNC is, let's discuss how to start one. You don't have to be an entrepreneur or an angel investor to start a MNC.

MNCs tend to be larger and more profitable than traditional corporations. The US economy is more than 20 times larger when MNCs are included. The net trade balance between US and China, the world's largest MNC, has been positive for the US since 2006. The US military is dependent on MNCs to equip and maintain its combat fleet. MNCs provide the US with a source of highly skilled workers. They are also a common target for new corporate inversion schemes, which result in the changing of stock ownership from a US corporation to a foreign corporation. In the past, MNCs were not subject to tax. A Supreme Court decision in the 1930s recognized the double tax rights of MNCs, and another Supreme Court decision in 1967 removed all double tax considerations for MNCs.

Multinational corporations, while highly productive and innovative, can drive up global inequalities and create unfair market practices. They often exploit weak domestic regulatory oversight, open new markets for cheap goods and services, and fill their senior management positions with people from country-specific expertise. In some cases, they take over a country's government and limit or restrict trade and investment. The result is an uneven playing field, which can give rise to political instability.In a trading system, there would be trade associations representing the different countries. The groups would negotiate on behalf of their members. They would identify preferred trade and investment terms.

With the wealth of its enormous market and geographical advantages, India has all it takes to become the next economic superpower. At present, India is making remarkable strides in various industries and it seems it's only a matter of time before India breaks into the top five economies of the world. India has the highest number of employees per million people. Currently, India has about 125 million people working in the country and it would be interesting to see how that number rises to a significant milestone within the next decade. India’s future seems pretty bright and it is very much worth it to invest in the MNC sector for the long term. The country also boasts of the highest number of internet users. It is predicted that there will be two billion internet users in India by 2020.

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PVR Full Form| What is  PVR Cinema And Why It’s So Great?

PVR Full Form

PVR Full Form-What is  PVR Cinema And Why It’s So Great: PVR Cinemas is a film entertainment company in India. The company started as a joint venture agreement between Priya Exhibitors Private Limited and Village Roadshow Limited in 1995 . I

PVR Full Form

Priya Village Roadshow

FAQs About PVR:

Here are five reasons why PVR Cinemas is the best cinema experience:

1. Quick Entry & On-Screen Action: PVR has the same seating layout and projection as the big multiplexes. The film begins on time and there are no distractions from crowd, pushing or cutouts. It is indeed a refreshing cinema experience as compared to the multiplex experience.

2. The Box Office Films: PVR receives films from both the distributors as well as the production companies, thereby giving the audiences a broader gamut of choices, which gives them the freedom of choice to watch an experience that suits their interest.

3. Convenience: PVR offers the choice of watching a film in the theater or at home.

PVR Cinema has an innovative way to cater to the different requirements of its customers. It follows a phased program to enhance the cinema experience for people. Through the “Phase 1” the company has started giving DTH set-top boxes, DVD players, home theatre systems to its patrons. It is currently engaged in the “Phase 2” wherein they provide their customers a complete set-up, in addition to a music-hall and cafeteria, at each cinema. PVR Cinemas also has an “EasyShare” facility, in which customers can transfer their personal digital cameras and digital recording equipment from other networks to the company’s internet network.

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