ARMY Full Form| What is ARMY:Armed forces of a country?

ARMY Full Form

ARMY Full Form-What is ARMY?Armies are armed forces that are in possession of land and have the ability to seize territory. Armed Forces are the armed forces of a country. Army is the land based branch of the armed forces of a nation or state.

ARMY Full Form

Alert Regular Mobility Young

FAQs About ARMY:

Armies are the oldest large-scale military force in the world, dating back to at least 4000 BC. Armies historically developed along tribal or dynastic lines, but from the third century BC onwards the Romans made use of infantry. During the next two millennia the common pattern of division of labour and the application of tactical innovations spread through the 'barbarian' empires of northern Europe, Middle East, the Far East and Africa, establishing the basis of the modern army. The rise of the 'central' military in the 18th century made possible the use of mass conscripts as well as professional soldiers, greatly increasing the effectiveness of the military. Technologies By World War I, military technology consisted of both lethal and non-lethal weapons.

The basic military structure is usually infantry, armored, artillery and aviation. These elements form the unit and individual parts of the battle formation. Often, a battalion will be the basic fighting unit and then will be sub divided into companies, platoons, squadrons or battalions. Each of these parts is armed with various weapons and, in some cases, transportable heavy equipment. In the modern era, a light vehicle or “aircraft carrier” often takes over this role and is the most important part of the combat force. Depending on the nation, a common issue is the size of the battle formation or the ratio between motorised and armored forces. Typically, the lighter weapon or support elements of a typical battle formation are the artillery, helicopters and aircraft.

The arms are usually grouped into three divisions or elements:

1. Transportation (i.e. trucks and planes)

2. Administration (i.e. barracks)

3. Equipment Armies, especially major and well-armed ones, usually have a complete organizational structure and command chain.

In that sense, a real army has a corps headquarters, a division headquarters, a battalion headquarters, a company headquarters and a platoon headquarters. In some armies, the following people make up the higher staffs: Regional commanders or commanders: Assembling a full army is a complex job requiring coordination between the above ranks and other specialists. It requires a large amount of funding and manpower.

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IMA Full Form| What is IMA:National voluntary organisation?

IMA Full Form

IMA Full Form-What is IMA? IMA is a national voluntary organisation of physicians in India, which looks or cares after the interest of doctors or the well being of the community at large scale.

IMA Full Form

Indian Medical Association

FAQs About IMA:

Medical association’s main aim is to help the doctors in the whole in India, and provide them an unbiased way to work for the betterment of the whole. Through the web portal called the ‘Doctors MGR,’ there is a set of doctors whom we can contact if we encounter any medical problems. IMA is helping a lot of doctors to diagnose their patients, find the best treatment options, and find the best prices for the same. Doctors can also bring their patients to the doctor in order to receive the best medical help for their case. If any patient comes up with a medical case, then a doctor can select from a list of doctors in the country and hand it over to the patient, where the patients can find the doctors in that region and proceed accordingly.

IMA is a national voluntary organisation of physicians in India, which looks or cares for the interest of doctors or the well being of the community at large. IMA was founded in 1946. They are not a governing body in the sense that they are not set up with any mandate or legal powers. A member must pay annual fee of Rs 150 to become a member. Each state of India has its own chapter. In Maharashtra, for example, there are 8 chapters. IMA's guiding principles are patient care, research, ethics, et al. IMA takes an active role in public health, education and health related legislation. Its headquarters are in New Delhi. How does IMA work? IMA is divided into state chapters.

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The Indian Medical Association


CSP Full Form| What is CSP?-Explained In Detail

CSP Full Form

CSP Full Form-What is CSP? CSPs are technology partners that help brand manufacturers streamline the process of getting product data to retailers

CSP Full Form

Content Service Providers

FAQs About CSP:

Some key areas a CSP can address are: Out of home (OOH) media Digital signage Out of Home Media Vending machines have been an essential part of many markets. However, they also offer brand manufacturers and retailers a problem. We've all seen the headlines. Millions of dollars are wasted in OOH advertising due to inauthentic, poor quality content. The good news is, OOH will soon be the first area to adopt a new standard, with Intel’s latest push to get "Intel Extreme Master" with deeper 3D graphics and VR. This is expected to have a positive effect on digital out of home as well. Digital signage networks are growing in number with the majority of installers currently using the same standards to operate their networks.

CSPs help brands overcome the complexities of getting product data to retailers in a scalable and cost-effective manner CSPs are able to create a unique and simple-to-use data processing platform that is automated, offers robust reports, reports to analyze sales numbers, and the ability to send out targeted campaigns. CSPs deliver benefits for brands in a number of ways including: Easy to use tools that streamline business processes and let buyers complete their end-to-end activities Possibilities for consolidation and distributing a specific amount of product to retailers in a business unit Open APIs for sharing data from one system to another CSPs are accessible to brands of all sizes and levels of sophistication. CSPs are easily set up with little or no programming experience.

Firstly, let’s define what a Content Service Provider (CSP) is: A Content Service Provider (CSP) is a software or cloud service that automates and enhances data capture and retrieval processes in order to meet the needs of marketing channels, such as retailers, and industry professionals such as brand manufacturers, distributors, retailers and consumers. When we think of a CSP, we think of Adobe and Magento. You may also have seen some of the recent integrations between Magento and Shopify, and for good reason. These CSPs are revolutionizing the global marketing industry through the delivery of highly targeted and relevant content to consumers, retailers and brand manufacturers across all devices and channels.

In summary, Content Service Provider (CSP) services include but are not limited to:

• Displays

• Cards

• Application integration

• Website migration

• Mobile presence

• Visual experience management

• TV search & discovery

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IPCS Full Form| What is IPCS: IT company?

IPCS Full Form

IPCS Full Form-What is IPCS? IPCS is an information technology and consulting company providing full- range of IT services to there customers.

IPCS Full Form

International Projects Consultancy Services 

FAQs About IPCS:

IPCS is an Information Technology & Consulting Company founded in 1990 in Nagpur. The organization caters to the needs of the business requirements of customers with a goal to help them understand how to leverage their existing assets to create new value through technology. It is a group of professional with a passion to deliver value to our clients. We’ve worked with some of the most distinguished names in the country. Theye are known for its strong association with government bodies, and education, research and development institutions across the country.

Respect for the Customer – the customer is the most important person in any organization. You are obliged to treat every person that uses your products and services with respect. We strive to provide professional and efficient service. We are committed to provide quality service at a reasonable price. Win-Win Commitment – As the largest IT services provider in the Philippines, we are committed to supporting and expanding our business in order to help make the lives of our customers easier and better. Competence and Excellence – Our aim is to have the best professionals in all IT fields such as consulting, managing and maintaining enterprise IT infrastructures. We want to provide our clients with all the tools that they need in order to achieve their business goals.

In serving the interest of the clients, they remain committed to excellence, quality and service delivery. Aspire to be the industry leaders in the field of Computer Systems Integration and Consulting services. IPCS  aim to be recognized for there capacity to deliver projects on time and within the given budget and also provide it at cost effective rates. Expectations by strengthening the existing business relationships in a dynamic, globally-competitive environment. IPCS  strive to create a synergy between our organization and our customers to provide our customers with the best value-for-money solutions. We provide our solutions based on our customer's requirement and the project.

To provide the best user experience while providing the best quality information technology services .

  • To serve there clients with a wide range of skill set
  • To provide the best solutions for  clients

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ASEAN Full Form| What is ASEAN:What You Need To Know??

ASEAN Full Form

ASEAN Full Form-What is ASEAN: What You Need To Know? ASEAN, international organization established in 1967 to promote economic, social, and cultural development and peace and security in Southeast Asia.

ASEAN Full Form

Association of Southeast Asian Nations


ASEAN’s first Chairman’s Statement was released in 1967, where they created the concept of ASEAN in 1963. The idea of ASEAN came out as a way for them to promote Southeast Asia as a region, which was lacking in international organizations. By then, the Asian Economic Cooperation (AEC) failed, as well as the formation of GATT, the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. According to the Wikipedia article, the foundation of the ASEAN was in part due to China’s Prime Minister Zhou Enlai. He invited the founding member nations of South Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Burma and Brunei to join forces to form the ASEAN.

To promote a region of freedom, democracy, human rights, inclusive economic growth, and sustainable development; to coordinate and enhance the cooperation between member countries; to encourage productive and pragmatic interactions among the peoples and governments of Southeast Asia; and to build a community of understanding and trust, with emphasis on the centrality of the culture of peace in the region. Source: In 1990 ASEAN became a permanent 10 member association with the addition of the new member-countries Singapore and Thailand. Brunei Darussalam was granted 'observer status' in 1997. Indonesia, Myanmar, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia are part of the ASEAN.

The ASEAN summit is an annual meeting of the heads of government of the member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. It has two legs: the ASEAN Plus Three meeting, which discusses issues of common interest and regional priorities of the group; and the ASEAN Summit, which gathers the heads of government of all ten member countries to talk about global and regional issues. The summit usually takes place in the same year as the ASEAN chairmanship year. For 2017, the ASEAN is preparing to host the 2016 chairmanship of the Philippines. Where is the ASEAN Summit held? Each year, the ASEAN holds its summit on the third week of November or third week of December. Typically, it is held in either the Philippines or Indonesia, as it alternates between the two host countries.

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BCCI Full Form | What is BCCI-Hostory,Role,Achievements

BCCI Full Form

BCCI Full Form-What Exactly Is BCCI?All About BCCI: What Everybody Should Know: BCCI is the governing body for cricket in India and is under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India.

BCCI Full Form

Board of Control for Cricket in India

FAQs About BCCI:

BCCI have developed over the years in different arenas like administrative, management, games, governing and promotion. We have established the unique process of licensing teams and distribution of all sports in India at national, state and zonal levels. Each state plays host to district level tournaments and following that this is followed by district, city, zonal and finally state level tournaments. From here on national level tournaments are played. In India, BCCI, comprises of 41 cricketing units, which are spread over 29 states and 7 union territories. BCCI is one of the largest sports organizations in the world with an annual turnover of over Rs 6,000 crore. BCCI have 33 affiliated units in its fold which include each state cricket association.

Their aim was to implement the Indian Cricket League and introduce cricket to the country in order to compete with other international nations. It wasn't an easy task at the time but it soon turned into a massive achievement for India when it got admitted in the international cricket. Now, the BCCI is responsible for every sport. Over the years it has played a significant role in making cricket an attractive sport for Indian people.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India is one of the first Boards in the cricketing world to adopt the universal Franchise system. It was the first board to give the play-off for the Ranji Trophy in 1928. BCCI has also given the first green Card to a cricketer and also the first 3-D logo to be used for the uniform of cricketers. The first T20 tournament also started in India by BCCI in 2007, which the Board owned. It gave the winner the prize money of ₹1,001,000. It has since been superseded by the Indian Premier League. BCCI has also introduced domestic T20 leagues. BCCI has started the IPL to replace the ICC Champions League. The Indian Premier League has grown in stature in the last 5 years. Since then, IPL has become the biggest cricketing franchise.

The composition of BCCI can be broken into 2 parts: the Board of Control and the office bearers. The main governance structures of the BCCI are contained in Article 37 and Article 37A. The most important change that the Lodha Panel recommendations bring is the abolishment of the President and the Secretary's post, and introduction of the much coveted office of “Chief Executive Officer”, which has been rejected by the BCCI. In reality, with the demands for better transparency, the BCCI has, in turn, promised reforms which include the creation of a new structure and a new independent office. But, with such a sharp increase in power in the hands of the board, we may just end up with a one-man show instead of a more inclusive team.

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