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 Covid 19 Full form

full form of covid 19

COVID-19 is the name of the disease caused by the “SARS-CoV2″ virus. Viruses and the diseases they cause have different names. COVID-19 is not a single term or word , it’s an acronym. 

Full form of COVID-19 :


Co – Corona
 Vi – Virus
 D  – Disease 2019

The coronavirus disease of 2019 was given the abbreviated name of COVID-19 by the WHO in a press  on February 11, 2020. 

FAQs about COVID-19 :

On December 31, 2019, a strange new pneumonia of unknown cause was reported to the Chinese WHO Country Office. A cluster of these cases originally appeared in Wuhan, a city in the Hubei Province of China. These infections were found to be caused by a new coronavirus which was given the name “ novel coronavirus 2019” (2019-nCoV). It became a pandemic situation for the world, Lakhs of people were infected form COVID-19 and many of them lost there lives. 

Vaccines are getting ready continuously by the governments. May this pandemic end soon.

COMPUTER Full Form – Full Form of COMPUTER | Full Form World

 Computer Full form  


full form of computer



COMPUTER is an electronic device that is used for performing technical and educational functions. 
Computer is an acronym that is derived from a word “Compute” which means to calculate.
Around almost every 3rd person in the World uses the term Computer but most of them don’t know the full form of Computer.
 Computer full form is :
C- Commonly
O- Oriented
M- Machine
P- Purposely
U- Used for
T- Technical and
E- Educational 
R- Research
Computer stands for ” Commonly Oriented Machine Purposely Used for Technical and Educational Research.

FAQs about Computer :

  • Charles Babbage is known as father of Computer i.e. the inventor of Computer.
  • About 85% of the world’s currency only exists on computer.
  • The first Computer programmer was a woman.
  • More than 6000 new computer viruses are created monthly.
  • The first mechanical computer was named as ENIAC.
I hope you liked my post and know very well know the full form of Computer.

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mbbs full form
MBBS Full Form

MBBS is a widely practiced medical qualification. 1. Clinical Medicine If you are planning to become a doctor and learn the entire spectrum of medicine, you must have MBBS degree. A medical student learns various subjects including surgical procedure and basic nursing techniques. 2. General Medicine This is also an important topic for a medical student as it deals with treatment of all the diseases. 3. Pathology The study of pathology can help you in determining the cause of various diseases. 4. Forensic Medicine When you want to be a detective and examine medical cases, you must learn this subject. 5.


MBBS Full Form is :

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery



An aspirant to pursue the MBBS degree should have good academic background and work experience. An MBBS degree is also a recommendation from a recognised board or a recognised university and an achievement of the student in the state board examinations. After qualifying the MBBS course, students opt for post-graduate specialisations in speciality in medical sciences. These specialities are to be pursued after two years of post-graduation, post- MBBS training. Students also opt for MD/MS in medical and dental disciplines after completing MBBS. An MBBS degree can also be considered an entry qualification for the professional PGDM. This is an extension course offered by a few medical institutes to the students who have an MBBS degree.


MBBS Course Duration :

The duration of MBBS course is 5 years and 6 months including one year of rotational internship at hospitals, health centres, and health camps organised by non-profit organisations (NGOs). The duration of MBBS course is 5 years and 6 months including one year of rotational internship at hospitals, health centres, and health camps organised by non-profit organisations (NGOs). The duration of MBBS course comprises of 120 credits. The MBBS syllabus includes studies on anatomy, pharmacology, pathology as well as community health & medicine, paediatric medicine and psychiatry. The duration of MBBS course comprises of 120 credits. The syllabus includes studies in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, IIT approved Information Technology (IT) courses and professional courses of surgery.


MBBS Course Syllabus :

For appearing the professional entrance test, a student should be able to read and understand the following subjects – Chemistry-Physics-Biology Physics: Measurements and standardisations (such as temperature, mass, momentum) Biology: Cell structure, cell size, behaviour, and the process of cell division.


MBBS Selection Criteria :

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery is an entrance test wherein medical students of the five-year medical course first take an entrance exam and only those who clear it and qualify the course then compete for the entrance. A person who has cleared the MBBS entrance test gets admission to a medical college in India. The last date to apply for the MBBS programme is November 30, 2017. How To Apply Log on to and fill in the details. Once the application process is complete, the details are submitted by the candidate and the applicant is then selected on the basis of merit. Is This Compulsory For All The MBBS course is compulsory for everyone who wants to become a doctor in India.


MBBS Eligibility Criteria :

For medical admissions into the MBBS course, there are a total of nine criteria for Maharashtra medical and dental council and 12 for other states. The eligibility criteria vary with each state. In Maharashtra, the criteria are: Selected candidates need to clear the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) for admission into MBBS course. Applicants seeking admission into medical and dental courses at the government or aided medical colleges in Maharashtra should have valid Class 12 or 10 or SSLC mark. Last date to submit the documents is by March 25.


MBBS Course Fees :

It costs a huge sum of money to pursue the MBBS degree and there are several factors that make the fee structure different for a student in each state or country. Apart from the amount you pay per semester, there are other charges like the registration fee, community fees, semester fees, and renewal fees which are added to the overall cost of the course. Also Read: REVEALED: 15 questions every MBBS aspirant must answer B.Sc/B.Com Hons. (IB) Bachelor of Science (Hons) (IB) is a bachelor’s degree in social sciences. It is a general degree. It is a four-year course which is offered at an undergraduate level by a few select universities. The course includes courses on history, geography, economics, mathematics, and natural science.


Conclusion :

An MBBS degree is the most sought-after professional degree. It is required for getting a desired job in medical sector. Applicants who are willing to opt for this course must ensure they study the syllabus properly and follow it to the tee.

OK Full Form || Full form of ok || OK full form

 Full form of OK

full form of ok

OK is the most daily used acronym used worldwide.It is spoken by every people existing in the world.
Many of them , even dont know the meaning of OK or the full form of ok.

The spelling of OK is not same in every country like it has different spell in different countries, as- Okay, O.K and ok, but the meaning of this word is always the same..
OK is the common word of daily life of a human being.
If you research, you will hardly find another word, which is used by people all over the world for the same meaning, no matter which language they use.

OK is a word used to show acceptance, agreement, approval, or acknowledgment to the first person. OK is named as “Olla Kalla”.


O – Olla
K – Kalla


It is a Greek word which means All correct. This is a very common word used in conversation when we agree with the other. It is also used in chatting.
I hope you like my post about the full form of ok.

INDIA full form | What is INDIA : Country Rich With Culture, History & Diversity?

INDIA Full Form

INDIA Full Form-What is India? A Country Rich With Culture, History & Diversity:India, is a country in South Asia. It is the second-most populous country, the seventh-largest country by land area, and the most populous democracy in the world.

INDIA Full Form

Independent National Democractic Intelligent Area


India’s national capital, New Delhi, sits on the border of the Himalayas, on the Indian subcontinent. The north of the country is the hilly Himalayan region, which is also the world’s highest terrain. The state of Himachal Pradesh is part of the Himalayas. The Himalayas block air circulation to the south, trapping cold and keeping weather generally dry. The south of India is made up of the Deccan plateau. A great expanse of fertile land, it is the source of the River Ganges. The Satpura and Vindhya hills, part of the Deccan Plateau, divide the state of Maharashtra in two. The westernmost region of the country is the Western Ghats, known for its dramatic mountain terrain and dense forests.

India is the world's largest democracy and an important hub for culture, religion and diversity. It is home to the world's third-largest language family, while being home to more than 500 different ethnic groups. The Indian subcontinent, the largest and most populous island on Earth, has been home to its people for over 5000 years. It is believed that the city of Kolkata was founded by Bengalis in 1583. Bengalis are mainly concentrated in the eastern and southern regions of the country, including West Bengal, Assam, Tripura, Meghalaya and Mizoram. The Sanskrit and Brahmi languages dominate the north of the country. There are also large minorities of Baloch, Pashtun and Sindhi people in the north, while Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Afghanistan are home to a large number of Pashtun tribes.

India is a majority Hindu nation, with a sizeable Muslim minority. More than 80% of the population is Hindu. India also has a sizeable minority of Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains, who number roughly 4% of the population. As per the 2001 census, Muslims account for 15% of the population. Buddhism and Sikhism are other major religions in India. Culture India is known for its culture and tradition, which is a result of the varied ethnicity, cultures, religions, festivals, and traditions from India's various regions. India's variety in cuisine is renowned worldwide. There are more than 1400 different varieties of curry served in India. India is also known as the "Land of Dance" because it is home to several forms of dance.

India’s nine official languages include Hindi, English, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Oriya, Bengali, Gujarati, and Assamese. Hinduism is the predominant religion in India, and India's cultural identity lies in its polytheistic traditions and spiritual traditions. According to the CIA, 65 percent of the Indian population is Hindu, 15 percent is Muslim, 10 percent Christian, and 2 percent Sikh. Buddhism is the second-largest religion in India, accounting for less than 1 percent of the country's population. In 2017, an estimated 92 percent of Indians were Hindu, 2.17 percent were Muslim, 0.11 percent were Sikh, 0.16 percent were Christian, and 0.06 percent were Buddhist.

India is the home to many famous and brilliant people, like Bollywood, Radiohead and Khelna. India is also the birthplace of freedom fighter Gandhi, technology pioneer Gandhi, superstar Rajinikanth, basketballer Lebron James, electronics pioneer Hormazd Sorabji, cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar, football legend Sunil Gavaskar and many others. As said earlier, India’s history dates back 2.5 million years and it has also seen the dawn of man. Its contribution to the arts goes back to ancient times when cultures and artistic expression were evident in the works of the Mauryan kings and the kodava kalari. Many of its stalwarts have attained fame in a variety of fields, from arts and cinema, to sports, music and drama.

Every corner of the country is home to the best of the best when it comes to food. There are so many different cultures that the Indian food varies widely from region to region and is often dependent on the geography and climate of the area. The good news is that you don't have to travel far from home to experience incredible Indian food. On any given day in some of the most popular tourist destinations in India you'll find diners feasting on aromatic dishes like chicken tikka masala, vindaloo, mutton biryani and butter chicken, to name just a few. Cricket You may think that sporting competitions are exclusive to the United States, but India is a huge cricketing nation.

India is the largest producer of silk in the world and second-largest exporter. Because of the expensive and time-consuming process involved in harvesting, processing, and weaving silk, the country is known as the "Silkopolis." India also ranks fourth in the world for gemstones, with more than two million minerals and 740 rare species. It is also the second-largest producer of tea and sixth-largest producer of cotton. The country is known as the "Cottonopolis," and is the largest producer and exporter of cotton.

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