PVR Full Form| What is  PVR Cinema And Why It’s So Great?

PVR Full Form

PVR Full Form-What is  PVR Cinema And Why It’s So Great: PVR Cinemas is a film entertainment company in India. The company started as a joint venture agreement between Priya Exhibitors Private Limited and Village Roadshow Limited in 1995 . I

PVR Full Form

Priya Village Roadshow

FAQs About PVR:

Here are five reasons why PVR Cinemas is the best cinema experience:

1. Quick Entry & On-Screen Action: PVR has the same seating layout and projection as the big multiplexes. The film begins on time and there are no distractions from crowd, pushing or cutouts. It is indeed a refreshing cinema experience as compared to the multiplex experience.

2. The Box Office Films: PVR receives films from both the distributors as well as the production companies, thereby giving the audiences a broader gamut of choices, which gives them the freedom of choice to watch an experience that suits their interest.

3. Convenience: PVR offers the choice of watching a film in the theater or at home.

PVR Cinema has an innovative way to cater to the different requirements of its customers. It follows a phased program to enhance the cinema experience for people. Through the “Phase 1” the company has started giving DTH set-top boxes, DVD players, home theatre systems to its patrons. It is currently engaged in the “Phase 2” wherein they provide their customers a complete set-up, in addition to a music-hall and cafeteria, at each cinema. PVR Cinemas also has an “EasyShare” facility, in which customers can transfer their personal digital cameras and digital recording equipment from other networks to the company’s internet network.

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