DNB Full form| What is DNB-Post-graduate Master’s degree ?

DNB Full Form

DNB Full Form-What Is DNB? Understanding the Benefits of DNB : is a Post-graduate Master’s degree same as MD/MS degree awarded to the Specialist Doctors in India after completion of three year residency.

Diplomate of National Board

FAQs about DNB

To help you in selection of right specialty of medicine/ surgery To enable you in seeking admission for fellowship To enable you to understand the standards and regulations in choosing for practice To enable you to understand your rights and duties as a candidate for registration in the medical profession What makes DNB a well-defined process for speciality registration To understand the needs of every speciality of medicine/ surgery. The patients would demand from you specific medicine or surgery at the right place.

How is DNB done?  Candidates need to appear for medical board Examinations in one of the approved institutes.

Long terms training and exposure of advanced knowledge in MD/MS (General Medicine) Higher recognition by Indian Government Clear distinction between MD (General Medicine) and MS (Medical & Surgical) Benefits of specialisation in DNB

Should one go for DNB?

1) Yes, go for it! It is as the senior consultant would say "practical oriented". As the name DNB suggests, these doctors are trained for post graduate specialisation and they have done it over and above the general MD degree.

2) Yes, absolutely! The expertise of a doctor after completing specialisation will be better than that of a general doctor.

3) No. They will need to do a minimum of 1 year of internal medicine post-graduation course.

The Candidate should be a Doctor of Medicine (MD) or a degree in Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) with minimum of 60% marks. The candidate must have obtained MD degree or Ph.D degree from a recognised university and have at least five years of relevant experience. Eligibility criteria Candidates with minimum 60% marks in the Master's degree, Pharm.D, from a recognised university. He/she must have a minimum of five years of relevant experience with at least two years post graduation. Application fee The application fee for the online admission will be Rs.1000 per each application.

A doctorate degree is definitely a hard qualification and this degree comes with a lot of credentials. This degree is awarded after in-depth and thorough research and dissertation in any subject is submitted before a panel. DNB or Doctor of Medicine is a post graduate degree with a graduate level that is intermediate in value and grade. These are two kinds of degrees of Doctor of Medicine which are awarded in India, namely, Research Doctorate, and Post Doctorate. The latter has three kinds of degrees with same content but differ in status. The Research Doctorate (RDP) has a degree of PhD with very less work experience. Usually, it takes up 3 to 4 years to complete the dissertation. In case of the Post Doctorate, the work experience is 2 to 4 years.