AHRC Full Form| What is AHRC-Explanation of the Organization?

AHRC Full Form-What is AHRC?  An Explanation of the Organization : AHRC  is an organization serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in New York City.

AHRC Full Form

Arts and Humanities Research Council

FAQs About AHRC:

In 1909 Dr. Paul Mayersberg, a German immigrant physician opened the first "homes for the aged and insane" to house people with mental disabilities in New York City. The homes were generally poorly equipped and more akin to nursing homes than homes for the mentally challenged. With the coming of World War II, there was an increased interest in those with mental disabilities; to counter a shortage of workers, public and private organizations established special schools to educate the physically and mentally challenged. The original centers, in addition to the care of the individuals, included vocational training programs, occupational therapy, and industrial training. This structure developed in several models. The first was a one-room building with five classrooms.

AHRC: A Black Muslim-Jewish Partnership for Inclusion is an organization that champions the rights of people with disabilities and actively supports them in their development as people as well as their rights. AHRC addresses several issues, but most notable are the basic rights of all people to live in dignity, with the rights of all people to participate fully in the economic, political and cultural life of their communities. AHRC works in tandem with community-based and faith based organizations to empower people with disabilities to live as valued members of society. What is their mission? AHRC has a mission to lead the conversation about the challenges facing people with disabilities.

AHRC has a mission to advocate for the rights, needs and inclusion of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and to enhance the quality of life of the approximately 60,000 people who live in the five boroughs of New York City. AHRC provides a broad range of services, including: Inclusion Advocacy. Services that assist people with disabilities to integrate into the community and to live fulfilling lives. Clinical Services. Services to improve and maintain the quality of life of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. High School Program.

If you would like to donate, there are several ways to do so. Join the AHRC Contact & Donor Services Group. . Visit their website to donate online or make a one time tax deductible donation. Online payment is accepted through Paypal. Also they accept requests for charitable contributions for charitable organizations. Support AHRC New York City on Social Media Join our twitter, “@AHRCNYC “ to receive and exchange info.