AJAX Full Form| What isw AJAX-A Simple Explanation of a Complex Technology?

AJAX Full Form

AJAX Full Form-What Is AJAX? A Simple Explanation of a Complex Technology:  Ajax is a set of web development techniques using many web technologies to create asynchronous web applications.

AJAX Full Form

Asynchronous JavaScript and XML

FAQs About AJAX:

Use of AJAX in web applications means less server-side processing time and more time for the server-side logic. As we mentioned earlier, the server-side logic of an average web application is simply a database table and a couple of sqlite queries. Therefore, to execute these sqlite queries on the server-side is a bottleneck. With Ajax, this would only be a single function call away from the server. Uses of AJAX: Video streaming Transfer of files Printing status updates Client-side caching Fast generation of dynamic web applications Throttling of web applications Client-side logic in AJAX can be as small as just one function call or as complex as creating a graphical user interface on the client-side and animating data.

Ajax is a component-based framework that allows you to send data from your server (or a remote database) in response to user interactions. The framework uses events to implement these asynchronous web-based interactions. It works by listening to a WebSocket session being established on the client-side. When a server response is sent back to the client, the response is routed to the server through Ajax calls that allow you to dynamically determine how to respond to the data you’re receiving. This article is meant as a quick introduction to Ajax to give a high level overview of the basic components that you can use to build your own Ajax applications and as a starting point for learning how to use Ajax.

Here are the situations that you should consider using Ajax:

1. If the underlying data you are processing is very small and doesn't cause any delays.

2. If you already have an application working without Ajax and it performs well enough to justify making it more interesting with some "magic".

3. If you want to put something interesting on the screen, but keep the user focused on it, and don't want them to have to wait.

4. If you know the underlying data is very slow and/or out of date, or that it is not well structured and you want to handle the old/out-of-date data in a more natural way. Ajax technology works by creating a server script (called ajax-function) that grabs data from a URL on the server.

Modern browsers provide a great deal of power to developers by default. You can increase your application performance by adding only a few lines of JavaScript code to your page. If you like this post please share it with your friends on the social networks using the buttons below or simply leave a comment below.