BKU Full Form| What is BKU-Kisan Union?

BKU Full Form

BKU Full Form-What is a BKU? BKU is a farmer’s representative organisation in India. It was founded by Chaudhary Charan Singh from the Punjab Khetibari Union which became its Punjab branch.

BKU Full Form

Bharatiya Kisan Union

FAQs About BKU

The primary function of the BKU is the payment of dues of farmers. It is mandated under the Punjab Agricultural Procurement Rules for farmers to pay an amount of Rs 10 per quintal to the BKU, which in turn is required to deposit the money to the bank. In case the procurement price is less than the market rate, the BKU can demand an extra amount as a subsidy, usually for 15 to 25 per cent above the amount of the market price. This is called the differential subsidy. The BKU works in the procurement department of the state government and ensures the sale of procured commodities through the mandi system. It also assesses the state of procurement and sale of crops. What are the charges levied by the union? The BKU members are assigned to work in the procurement department in the district.

BKU has helped farmers by buying produce directly from farmers, reaching out to government for subsidised produce and signing cooperative contracts that guarantee a minimum income to farmers. Its labour wing provides contract labour for various projects for free. BKU is also fighting illegal mining in different parts of India. What kind of issues does the union deal with? The BKU plays an important role in negotiating minimum support prices (MSPs) for agricultural produce, provision of loan waiver for farmers, electricity connections to farmers, and employment of more than 5 lakh people. Besides, BKU also brings down vegetable prices during festivals, announces blockades when farmers demand action against builders or traders if they fail to pay "looter" or "fraud" money to them.

There is an urgent need for farmers to have a say in the policy making of the country. A BJP government came to power after more than 50 years and for it to be able to deliver a good harvest, farmers need a powerful voice in the government. Farmers are also aware of the adverse effects of the proposed bill in the Delhi assembly. Unless farmers have a stronger voice in the government, there will be little they can do to oppose such ill-planned policies. Also Read | PNB scam: With Nirav Modi out of country, bank fraud accused Mehul Choksi shifted to India A recent union survey conducted by the union shows a decline in the financial health of farmers in the past few years.