XML Full Form| What Is XML & How Is It Useful?

XML Full Form

XML Full Form-What Is XML & How Is It Useful?:XML is a markup language much like HTML · XML was designed to store and transport data

XML Full Form

eXtensible Markup Language

FAQs About XML:

XMLs primary goal is to store and transport data XMLs semantics are flexible and flexible XML can be structured as a language or a file format There are many widely used file formats for data transmission and storage in the world today, but it is very likely that many of these are going to be depreciated with the introduction of XML.

Following are some disadvantages of XML :-

  1. XML is a separate language to learn, in order to use them we need to learn its basic separately.
  2. XML doesn’t support the array.
  3. To load and process XML files, it needs XML parsers which are heavy-weight and kills the performance.

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