PMS Full Form|What is PMS:Investment service?

PMS Full Form

PMS Full Form-What is PMS Fund? PMS is an investment service offered by a portfolio manager whereby its investors get the flexibility to tailor a portfolio, according to personal preferences and their financial goals.

PMS Full Form

Portfolio Management Services

FAQs About PMS Fund:

The company offers many investment options, each tailored according to different preferences. However, an investor can choose a PMS fund which is tax-friendly as it would allow the investor to allocate funds to meet their tax obligations and contribution to state and central government schemes. PMS fund investment objective: As per PMS fund's investment objective, an investor invests in a structured portfolio of mutual funds, based on the market segment, investor's risk appetite, type of investor, investment horizon, investment preferences, and liquidity needs of a particular investor. The fund manager collects signals from various research reports, charts, indicators, financial newspapers, emails, PMS discussion groups etc.

As per PMS fund company, the investment strategy of PMS Fund is usually 100% for standard return and not more than 60% for greater volatility and not more than 30% for lower volatility. Thus, investor can keep a consistent, steady flow of income from PMS-fund. In PMS fund the company takes active management role in the bond market to acquire high return. In some cases, where there is a high yield of safe assets such as treasury bonds available, the PMS-fund will invest in safe asset and the interest rate from such instrument may be less than treasury bonds. Investment Options PMS-fund has 10 options available for investment options. The investors have a choice to choose among a number of investment options depending on their financial situation and taste.