TRAI Full Form| What is TRAI:Teelecom Authority?

TRAI Full Form

TRAI Full Form-What Is  TRAIAnd Why Should You Care? TRAI is an organisation responsible for ensuring the orderly growth of the telecom sector while protecting the interests of both telecom service providers and consumers.

TRAI Full Form

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FAQs About TRAI:

TRAI is charged with ensuring the orderly growth of the telecom sector while protecting the interests of both telecom servTRAIe providers and consumers. It has been involved in creating service standards for telecommunication services and has acted as a regulator by adjudicating disputes between telecom service providers and customers.

TRAI plays a key role in maintaining transparency and the integrity of the system. As a regulator, it has the power to seek information from the service providers as well as from the users to ensure service quality and policy compliance. This power helps TRAI protect the interests of consumers while ensuring a free market in the sector.


A 'non-commercial user' means a subscriber whose total consumption is less than 300 days or 10 GB monthly consumption. So, a user who uses more than 300 GB is considered a commercial user. TRAI categorises the users according to the speed they wish to opt for. As per TRAI, to avail the data benefit the subscriber will have to shell out more than Rs 1000 a month.

TRAI’s job is to develop and administer a regulatory framework for the telecom sector to ensure that its operations are in the best interest of consumers. This includes maintaining fair competitive conditions for telecom servTRAIe providers.

Does TRAI have a record of protecting consumers’ interests? Yes, as we are about to see in this artTRAIle. In the 2014 TRAI Order, it was found that Jio had violated the Regulatory Duties Act, 1997 (RDA) for not providing the customers of its services a “reasonable choice”. It was ordered that the differential pricing for data be done away with.

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